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Barclaycard PayTag Win a contactless adventure

Unmissable was briefed to find a prize solution to link in with revolutionary Barclaycard PayTag system.  After all, being one of the first to pay with a Barclaycard PayTag makes you special and that’s certainly a feeling the brand wanted to tap into. So to encourage sign up, we gave Barclaycard the opportunity of offering customers the chance to join another exclusive club and be one of an elite group to experience a ZERO-G flight over Orlando in the USA.   The winner and a friend will win the opportunity to enjoy a once in a lifetime, totally weightless experience throughout 2012.  This VIP travel incentive, devised by Unmissable for Barclaycard, includes a personal chauffeur to and from the airport, 7 nights 5-star hotel in Orlando, car hire and return flights to Florida.  The highlight of the incentive includes an incredible Zero-G experience in Fort Lauderdale and a gourmet meal with champagne to celebrate their return to earth.  Journeys of a lifetime provide emotive and engaging stand out, particularly in a busy Olympic marketplace.